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Galactic Teddy 2 : Back to home

If you are looking for the game with excellent 3d graphic, quick action, addictive plot, planets
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28 December 2006

Editor's review

Home is where the heart is for most of us; even the frequent travelers find their home to the best place in the world where they wish to come back and relax. A home is a place where we feel complete and secure and warm and most of us make it a point to be back there; irrespective of how much we enjoy our time outside. Further, nobody could know this fact better than the child who has lost his way to home from a nearby park and desperately searches for some familiar face to get help in getting back home to his parents and loved ones in a safe environment and ambiance. A gaming utility has been developed keeping this theory as the main idea and applying it to galactic teddy who must get back home quickly in the game called Galactic Teddy 2: Back to home 1.72.

Galactic Teddy 2 opens with an attractive looking and vibrant interface with several color hues arranged across. The main tabs placed on screen are at the top that display time and score for the teddy to move around. The main protagonist bin this game is a Teddy bear who is missing home and must get back to his mother planet back to his family and love by crossing the marvelous adventures. It has to visit lots of distant planets to collect a magic stone that will be the main clue for him to escape and destroy all the monsters in the land and pass the levels one by one. The rule of the game is to use arrows and put the bombs in space being very careful to keep himself unharmed.

To conclude, Galactic Teddy 2: Back to home 1.72 works easily as just another animated feature game with several control tabs to browse through and hence gets a rating of three points for its suitable performance.

Publisher's description

The adventures Teddy bear is missing his home, his motherplanet, his girl friend (who longs for him for sure). The half of the Light Stone is collected during the last mission (Galactic Teddy1). The purpose is to collect the other part of this magic stone and save the motherplanet. Do you want to visit a lot of distance planets (more than 40), to help the awkward Teddy to collect the magic stone and blow up all evil monsters (more than 15 various monsters)? Then do not hesitate, download and play!
If you are so skill to pass all the levels you will see the happy Teddy who reached his home at last.
To rule the hero use the arrows, to put the bombs use space. Be attentive, do not blow yourself up!
The game excels in wonderful 3d graphic and great fascination.
The download and trial period (two weeks) are free.
Have a lot of fun!
The advantages of the registered version:
" more than 40 levels:
" more than 15 various monsters;
" 3 skill levels for everyone (novice, expert, master);
" the nag-screen will not disturb you more;
" free technical support by email.
Galactic Teddy 2 : Back to home
Galactic Teddy 2 : Back to home
Version 1.72
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